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Hello, love bugs!

School has begun and that means more things to learn! I promise to try to keep up with the blog and be more on time with posting. Also, a team and I run a page called @inthebuzzmiami and we’re hosting a giveaway! So follow the link to enter to win tickets to Dessert Wars Miami! Click Here for a chance to win! Winner will be chosen January 17, 2018.

So with school starting, I only thought it was appropriate to write about what my school essentials will be and what I’ll be carrying them in!

I’m starting my first semester at my new college and I am so excited! Is anyone else going to a new school? Let me know!

Kicking off this post with my favorite school bags! I usually switch them out depending on my outfit and also depending on how my day is looking.

The first bag is this Steve Madden, Cherry Blossom Design bag. It’s huge, and by huge I mean it fits my MacBook 13 inch with room to spare. This bag also came with a smaller bag that can hold more smaller items, I put my makeup in this. I got this at TJMAX for like $30.

My next bag is my striped Kate Spade laptop bag. This bag is awesome and I usually use this if I’m going to study or just hang out around campus. It has two identical pockets, one in the front and one in the back. Inside there are three deep pockets and it spacious enough for a laptop and 2 notebooks. It also comes with a removable strap. Click Here to view it on Amazon.

Lastly is an old bag that I love, this one was also purchased at TJMAX but a couple years ago. The brand is Madden Girl. There is a pocket in the front which is usually where I keep my writing utensil’s and other school supplies. On the side, there are two identical pockets which is where I usually hold my keys and a water bottle. Inside is another pocket with a zipper and slots for pens or other things.

So what’s actually inside?

The easiest way I can think to say this is in a list form, so here we go:

  • 2 Blue Pens
  • 2 Black Pens
  • 1 Red Pen
  • 2 Highlighters (different colors)
  • 2 Pencils (one mechanical and one not)
  • College Ruled Notebook
  • Folder (that matches the notebook duh)
  • A 5-inch Ruler
  • 2 Erasers
  • i>Clicker2
  • Laptop (Mac Girl!)

Now for nonschool things:

  • Portable charger + Charger Cord
  • Chapstick
  • Perfume
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wallet
  • Over-Ear Headphones
    This usually means hummus and chips or two oranges.

That’s it! I use all of these things every time I go to school, which is MWF. What’s your schedule for the spring semester? Also, how was your first week!? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you soon loves.

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