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Hello, Hello love bugs and welcome back!

I am really excited to be doing this because got some new products and I have been loving the progress of my skin!

So to start, I think this is what has taken my skin to the next level, and it is dry brushing and scrubbing, at the same time. I go this dry brush from Daily Concepts and the scrub I used was a sample my esthetician gave me the last time I got a facial. I need a new scrub so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Anyways, the dry brushing and the scrub really just give me a brand new face. Instead of just scrubbing with my hand I use the brush and mind you the brush is wet, I’m not dry brushing with a scrub on my face, yikes.

But I really recommend this brush, it’s so small and perfect for travel and your face, plus the bristles aren’t still at all so it’s an effortless exfoliation.

Next new thing is my face oil. I got the Loli, Tea Seed Elixer. I love this oil, I put it over my face cream for some extra hydration because my face is so dry, and it really helps me. It smells amazing, sweet and earthy. Since i am so dry this plus the cream is perfect for me and doesn’t leave me oily.

The last product and last step is my Botanics Hydrating Face Cream. Such a nice lightweight cream! It is very hydrating and it really calms my skin down, I have rosacea in my cheeks. I usually do my whole skincare routine at night so everything has a chance to really sink into my face while I sleep so I wake up hydrated and not oily. Plus the packaging is really nice!

And thats the update! If you haven’t read my original post, you should so you can see all the products I use on a daily, you can click here to read it. Also please comment below your favorite face scrubs!

ttyl love bugs,


None of these are sponsored products, genuinely just excited to share.

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