Atlanta Trip 2017!

Never in my life would I have thought I would be so 21st century inclined. On our trip to Atlanta we used Uber (which im not really into), Airbnb, Couchsurfing and the Snapchat Hotspot locator (we didn’t use it much though).
Meeting local people really made the trip even better, you get a real sense of the city and who lives there.

Uber Everywhere

We used Uber maby two times throughout our five day trip and both times the drivers were so nice it shocked me. The first was a woman who was talking to us like we were her children, it was so cute. During the ride we told her we’re visiting from Miami and looking for interesting spots. She suggested some like Edgewood, Underground and Peachtree. She took us to the area where all the bars were at and told us to have fun and to be careful on our travels.

We had a man the next time we used Uber and he was nice too. He told us about the “hood” clubs in Atlanta because thats where he usually goes and advised us to go only if we’re into that (we didn’t go). Once we got to where we were going he also told us to have fun and be safe.

Final Thought

Ubers are cool but it still freaks me out a little the feeling of being in a car and being kind of helpless if things go wrong just keeps crossing my mind when im in one. But thats just me.

A Night at the Custer Cabin

This trip was actually our first time using Airbnb and as surprising as it is that I dont trust uber’s, I trusted airbnb fully.
Here is some pictures of the AMAZING place.

The entrance to the room, the bed, and the light. It was so interesting to see how it hit the walls.
This is Needy, the cutest and sweetest cat ever.

We were told where to go and how to get there, where to park and all. When we got to the cabin there was a little “thank you” card and two water bottles ready for us, which I though was very sweet of the host. We never met our hosts but she was awesome when it came to responding in time and answering all our questions. We were allowed any where in the cabin, except their room, but we were only there for a night, checked in at almost 2AM and left at almost 7AM the next morning. So we didnt have time (or lighting) to take a lot of pictures. There was a nice living room area from just peeking me my head in and the cutest little kitchen with a small white round table.

This is the bathroom that we used.

In the bathroom she kept towels and wash cloths along with some very nice shampoo, conditioner and super softening body soap. On the sink she also had a bowl of mini, mouthwashes, toothpaste, perfume, lotions and anything else you might have forgotten to pack.

The back entrance and where we were told to go. It is actually like a cabin!

If you want to check them out on instagram here it is. Try and see if you can guess which review is mine!

Couchsurfing and the Best Fried Chicken in Atlanta

Couchsurfing Logo by

Recently Marcus and I have been using this app called Couchsurfing. It is really neat, because not only do you meet new people but you can stay with them, for free!
So I’m about to be real with you guys, I dont think I could ever stay at a couchsurfing house, that is just toosketchy for me. But we did meet up with some locals and went places which was cool.

In Atlanta on the last day we met up with this girl name Justine. She was the sweetest! She had just moved to Atlanta from Germany! All three of us met and went to get Fried Chicken at this family owned resturant right by where we were staying. We talked for a while and she even told us a couchsurfing horror story (which just confirms why I would never stay at one, thanks Justine).

Justine runs a travel blog so if you want to check it out you can go ahead and click here.


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