The Best Way to Basel – Miami Art Week 2018

Hello, my fellow Miami friends!

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December 5-10

As you know this week in one if the most important and exciting week of the year because ART BASEL is finally here

Every year, I usually just wander around and see what I can find but this year I decided to buy a few tickets and be more organized with my events.

Nothing beats Coyo Taco, Tacos.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced Basel before I  hope the links

are interesting to you and if you want to find more I recommend the app Eventbrite (I looooove this app), just search Art Basel and everything should come up. But hurry tickets have sold like hotcakes so check it out!

I’m going to insert my Eventbrite page at the end so you can see all the events I’m interested in. I put these on the blog because these ate the ones I really want to get to first. On my Eventbrite page, there’s a “like” section which are other events that I would attend.

Also, here’s a hint, the little “($)” means there’s a cost to attend the event.


Wednesday, Dec 5:

VOODOO ROOFTOP: Ladies Night @ 9pm

Thursday, Dec 6: Busy, busy day:

Cake Art Basel 2018 @ 1pm
RnBae Collective | Bae Basel ($) @ 3 pm
Secret Art Miami During Art Basel @ 6pm

Friday, Dec 7:

Basel PeachFuzz with Jillionaire @ 8pm
You Had To Be There @ 10pm

Saturday, Dec 8:

Exhibit Gray Miami, Art Basel ($) @ 5pm

Sunday, Dec 9:

Sunday Grove @ Basel Miami @ 4 pm 


And there you have it! I don’t have much for Saturday and Sunday because I work, but please explore and find your own events to go to! I put the brunch for Sunday because that’s what I would have attended if I didn’t work. But events are running all the way to like Monday 1/2 am so, you’ll have something to do.

Thanks for reading guys! And if you’re heading out to Basel, have a great time! Take as many pictures as you can! Below is my Eventbrite link so you can check out others I liked but won’t be attending. I’ll constantly be liking and unliking and adding new events so follow me if you want the updates. Happy Art Basel week to you all!


Until next time,



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