Summer Nail Inspo

Hey love bugs! It’s officially summer! Such a great time of the year. I’m back to give you some nail inspo for this summer season.

Here I’ve compiled a list of colors that are absolutely essential to you complete your summer looks. On that note lets get right into it!


Starting off with my personal favorites, the neon crew!
Any color in neon is essential to your look, especially since neon colors make you look more tan, which is also an essential part of summer time.


Nudes are so pretty in the summer time. Having your natural tan skin be the main component to your looks is something summer is for so take advantage!


I’m pretty sure yellow was made for the summer time. Being as it is the color of the sun and all things summery and fun, I think it is appropriate that she’s on this list. By yellow i also mean the brighter tones, we’re trying to be as bright as possible during the summer time!


Are you really that surprised that this family is on the list? Orange like yellow is a bright and fun summery color. I mean yellow is in orange soooo. I honestly think any shade of orange would do, orange is naturally bright so go for it babe!

Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash


Last color im going to talk about is one of my faves, pink! She is here and loud and proud and thats why we wear her almost all summer long! Pink is a staple for summer time. Think of all the pink things you already have for summer time? Exactly.

Glitter & Chrome!

Oh come on, shine is so everything during summer. Having your nails glisten at the beach has got to be #summer2019goals. I persoanlly go for a more chrome look and i love it so much, add on top to any neon color and you are ready to parrrrtyyyyy!

Well love bugs that is all I got for you today, stay tuned for more writings and if you enjoyed this or have any colors you want to reccomend, leave them below!

Sayward x Saynthings

My chrome nails at the beach, sorry it’s such a large video.

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