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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

I’m very excited to be talking about this today mostly because I’ve been scared of dabbling into the powers of the pendulum.

When I used to work at Alex and Ani we had some ways to interact with the customers and one of them was using the pendulums we had. Mainly to help the customer with any questions or which item to buy lol.
Knowing what I know now, those pendulums are pierced to put the chain through, which isn’t healthy for the crystal so it’s all a bunch of mumbo jumbo there. But it was an excellent place to start and spark the interest.

Clear Quartz Pendulum and board

Now I get this monthly box called goddess provisions and it has changed my spirituality game. I’m not going to get into the details of the box but for the month of august I got my first real pendulums and board.

How do you even use it?

From a couple of youtube videos, I watched you’re supposed to ask it a yes or no question and then hold it above the board and whichever way it sways is your answer. Simple enough. But for me, the reason I was so scared to try it was that I was trying so hard to make it perfect. I was trying too hard to make the perfect moment to bring in the energy. Does that make sense? Like I thought I had to be super still and silent and do certain things to clear my mind. But for me, it didn’t go like that.

My actual ritual

I had just finished showering and I was blasting Mariah Carey, I had just finished journaling in my BOS (book of shadows) and something in me was like “you should ask the pendulum a couple of questions.” Which I did. I also did not stop the music, so Mariah’s fantasy was playing the background as I was centering my energy into the pendulum.

This is what I asked:
Sidenote: you can only ask yes or no questions to the pendulum.

  1. Should I go back to school?
  2. Should I be a flight attendant?

3. Should I take a spontaneous trip to Philadelphia this weekend?

Her answers were yes, no, and yes. Which were very helpful for me not going to lie. When I came to going back to school I have been in between about it but now I feel more confident in that I should go just have to figure out for what.

The flight attendant has always been somewhat of a dream only because I really want to travel but maybe it’s not the right time due to the pandemic and I shouldn’t wait around for those positions to open.

Lastly, my Philly trip was yes which I’m ready for! Maybe not this weekend but more than likely the 9-11th of October.

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until next week, stay safe


2 thoughts on “Spiritual | Questions for the pendulum

  1. I have actually always been interested in crystals and things like this. What made you get into things like this? and also where do you find these types of things?

    1. Hey! For me, I just always found crystals, pendulums, witches, etc to be so cool, even when I was a kid. So as I grew up I just learned more and more about it through, youtube and books mostly. The best place to get started would be your local crystal shop or you can check out the monthly box I get called “goddess provisions” that’s where my spiritual tools & knowledge really broadened.

      If you do end up getting the box let me know, please! I also have a code! for you to get like $5 off I think!

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