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Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been creating so much content for all different social media outlets. I honestly love it! I joined TikTok This week and posted my first couple videos! (Let’s be friends there too! @say.ward)

So thank you to everyone who has been following along and supporting my content. I really appreciate it. Now lets talk about tarot decks!

There are a few mis conceptions when it comes to choosing a deck for your practice and I want to do ahead and de bunk them really quick.

First, do not let anyone tell you that you can’t buy your own deck. I heard this one and it got me so mad! Why would that be accurate? How can that even be possible? I don’t think that’s a fair statement at all because how else are people going to learn? By just waiting around for someone to give them a deck? I think not!

So many cards, always lol.

Second, is that you have to be a psychic to be able to read the cards. Look, if you have an interest in this then you go ahead and explore it, and that’s it. Don’t let someone who is more experienced fool you into thinking you can’t do this, or just because you feel like you don’t have that ability you can’t. To be good at something it comes with practice that includes being spiritual.

I think that’s all I have as my misconceptions, has anyone ever told you something about tarot that turned you away from it? Let me know how ridiculous it was in the comments so we can laugh at them together!

Now lets get started~

The deck should come to you.

By this I mean, browse around, explore your options. there are thousands of decks across the internet so don’t settle for a deck that doesn’t really speak to you. Think of it as finding the right partner, you’re going to go out and search yes but you’re not going to make the big jump unless they check all the boxes. Does it make you happy? Does it spark your interest? Is it aesthetically pleasing to you? How do you feel when you think about it?

What I’m really trying to get at is really understand who you are so you can choose the correct deck for yourself.

Price Shouldn’t Matter.

What I mean by this is if the deck is like $5 that does not make it any less of a deck than a $100 deck. Now if you want to spend a lot on a deck your first go-around, go ahead, it’s up to you. Just do research first, maybe buy a cheaper deck to learn from, and then splurge on a nice one.

Picture from Pinterest!

For me, my first deck was from my mom. It was her old deck and it’s very sacred to me, so I really only use it on myself when I need ancestral guidance. I also purchased the Rider Waite deck and that is what I use on other people and to practice. Those cards are beaten up! and they cost me about $12.

I have a couple other decks that were apart of a subscription box I get called goddess provisons. But my most recent deck is my self care oracle deck and it is really something guys. That one was like $20-$25 and worth every penny to me.

If you’d be interested in reading about the decks I have, their themes and etc let me know in the comments!

Traditional or Modern?

When it comes to this question this is where you exploring different cards come into play, because not all cards are the same. For example, the deck my mom has is very greek mythology based deck with each suit a different story of a god so it correlates with the card. The traditional deck doesn’t really follow that same style, mostly just the fool going on their journey of life.

And there are so many more themes out there, you really need to think about how you want your deck to talk to you and the best way that you can receive messages.

A spread I did!

Size Matters!

Are your hands big? Are they small? How do you like to shuffle cards? Is there a certain size your comfortable with? These are all factors to take in when browsing for a deck. I know for me, I do not like small cards. When purchasing decks they need to be at least the regular playing card size but the bigger the better.

And how about shapes? Im actually looking at a new deck for myself and these particular cards are circle! What’s crazy is when I saw that I knew, I knew that deck was for me (plus all the other fun stuff about it.)

I don’t want to keep going mainly because the list can be really long, but I promise if you listen to yourself and don’t settle you will find the deck that really speaks volumes to you and your spiritual journey.

So that’s all my loves! Thanks so much for reading and I hoped this helped you make your decision.

Let me know what cards you have in mind! And maybe I’ll share the deck I’ve had my eye on haha!

Take care of yourselves and celebrate that Joe Biden is the President now!!


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