Spiritual | 5 ways you’re already very spiritual

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With the pandemic, I feel like a lot of people are starting this new spiritual journey and feeling that they are falling short.

Well, sometimes it’s hard to see. Usually, with so many things going on, we tend to overlook our own magic.

And with that, here are 5 ways you didn’t even know you’re spiritual.

  1. You’re very aware of your environment.

You can walk into a room and pick up the room’s energy, especially with small groups. You can see the different flows between people and you can also defuse situations when things get out of hand. You can pick up when things start to go sour between people and you can also pick up when the energy in the room is starting to shift. You also have a very good sense of where you are in the world right now and what is around you.

2. You’re very empathetic

Being an empath is truly a gift. You see people beyond the exteriors that they show the world and you still accept them and you still help them in any way that you can. I just believe that the more people are empathetic towards each other towards themselves they really have this higher understanding of what people are and what life is. For example have you ever met someone who just has such great energy and they’re very understanding? You talk to them about your life and you never feel judged by them, you never feel like you’re bothering them, you know you’re able to say what you need to say and they are there to listen and help you? Those people, keep them close because they are on this other wavelength that we are all just trying to be on.

3. You have a morning or nighttime routine

When it comes to having a routine I feel like this is a very basic step to becoming more spiritual. Having that routine really connects you to yourself and really helps you understand your needs. So having a simple routine of always washing your face, always drinking a cuppa tea, or making it a consistent thing to go outside work out, etc really helps ground you to who you are and by grounding yourself you’re able to Give off that positive energy that people just love.

4. You speak and listen to yourself

this is a big one, because I felt for a long time people we’re making it taboo to talk to yourself. In this whole new era of really excepting therapy and figuring out your issues talking to yourself and listening to yourself is a very great first step. Sitting down and really having those tough conversations by yourself listening to how your body reacts it’s very therapeutic. And I really encourage anyone to try that if you were going through something right now if you have a big decision you need to make I highly recommend sitting meditating journaling about it taking a walk in nature really absorbing what is best for you. 

5. You look to nature for answers

So to kind of piggyback what I was just saying about talking to yourself and listening to your body, there’s also listening to nature and really leaning on nature for answers. So let’s say you do have a big decision coming up and let’s say you go on a walk or you go on a bike ride, you sit by the ocean or lake whatever you choose to do. it just seems when you do these things your answers come more grounded.  When the sun shines a certain way which will help you come to the right answer the clouds will move the breeze or blow the little animals will run by and all of these things reading it right now don’t sound very like a-ha moments but when you’re in the moment and it happens you really you feel it in your core and that is the beautiful power of nature.

Well, lovelies I hope this gave you a little bit more confidence when it comes to your spiritual journey! You got this! I’m always here if you have any questions.

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  1. Well I can agree with you on the empath thing, because when I became aware of this type of power or so energy whatever you would like to call it, I could walk into a room and feel everyone’s emotions all at once. At first it was extremely uncomfortable! However; with a little bit of meditation and getting to know your center as well as learning how to control the emotions of not just your own but understanding the vibrations all around you. Then soon it will be second nature 🙂

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