Girl Talk | Traveling Alone

Hey hey heyyyy,

So I took my first solo trip in June 2018 to Washington D.C and it was an amazing time. Being by myself going at my own pace and seeing exactly what I wanted to see, was such a liberating feeling.

What I want to talk about today is why every woman should take their own trip and other women/ people’s reaction to me traveling alone.

So let’s begin!

Top reasons why you should travel alone – The freedom!! It gives a sense of independence, duh and the fun of meeting new people or not!

The freedom, imagine, you always travel with people and have to plan and make sure everyone gets what they want. When you’re alone you’re the main focus at all times, can you imagine it?
Planning everything to your specific needs really gives you the freedom to do whatever, it helps you figure out what exactly you like to do and whats important to you when visiting this new place.

Is it museums? The beach? Shopping? Clubbing? What would be your plans if you planned a trip?

Now reason number two is all about the i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-c-e (if you don’t understand the reference, I feel old..) The sense of independence you feel before, during and after is euphoric. I remember each time I felt it, the sense of pride and giddy feeling of doing this. First was when we landed in D.C, second was when I was visiting the Renwick Museum, third was when I was eating alone at this nice bar in at the Wharf in D.C (oh and the Wharf in Miami is laughable compared to the D.C. one, just saying) and finally landing back in my city. All these moments were amazing and were reminders that I was actually out here doing it! That feeling is something I’m glad I could experience and won’t ever forget.

Now when I was there I used this app called Couchsurfing, I’ve talked about it before in my “trendy” Blog Post. It’s an app that allows you to find other travelers in your area. So on this app, I met some amazing people and we spent my last night there hitting up Dupont Circle.

The beauty of that is the fact that I wanted to meet people and experience the nightlife and that’s exactly what I did. I was really timid about going out at night and the other days I just stayed in (which was amazing too because I do like to stay in as well) but finding this little group was fantastic, I got my sense of security when going out and I got to meet some new people!

The reactions from my friends and family were somewhat surprising to me.

The main questions were:

“What did your boyfriend think about you traveling by yourself?”

“How could he let you travel alone???”

“Why would you want to travel alone?”

 I was honestly so confused about this, mainly because what does my boyfriend have to do with my solo trip? Why would he try and stop me? Why would he think anything but positivity for me? The way people would ask is as if they were confused, confused that he would just let me go. Of course, I missed him and when I did certain things I had wished he was there but the point of the trip wasn’t for us as a couple it was for me as a person. Me accomplishing my own goal, alone. The fact that he had zero problems with me doing this makes the relationship even stronger.

As for wanting to travel alone, it was on my bucket list and now I can cross it off.

I learned so much about myself and others by doing this. As humans, we have this inner voice always telling us “no.” For women, I feel like that voice screams at us into paralysis and we end up not taking the risks we want. I encourage you to find something that’s yours and grow it, make it happen, accomplish your dreams for yourself. It’s every woman’s right to feel amazing, with or without a partner.

I’m leaving for Chicago next week to attend my first Music Festival – Lollapalooza! My boyfriend is coming this time for those who are wondering.

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Until next time honey bunnies!