Red Bar Comedy Night

Monday night date ideas can be hard considering everyone is usually asleep and the areas you usually go to on the weekend are desert lands. Lucky for me I found this little spot in Brickell that offers something rare on Monday nights.

When you think of Miami you think of the beach, interesting drinks, and beautiful people. So when I came across an invite to a Comedy Night in Brickell I was excited to try it out! I did some more research and found out that Red Bar offers a comedy night every Monday night from 9-11 pm. I personally love comedy and this spot offers a cozy environment to have a drink and watch some local comedians.

How to Plan your Date Night

Red Bar offers a great happy hour from 5-8 with $3 Beers and $6 Wines. I recommend getting there by 7:45-8pm so you have just enough time to indulge in the happy hour and take advantage of their full bar.

You should also RSVP. They have this Comedy Night on Eventbrite and if you RSVP you get a free drink ticket! I’ll provide the link at the end of the article so you can claim it. 

Getting there early is going to be your best bet because you’ll be able to find parking, take advantage of the happy hour and more importantly find a nice seat to enjoy the show. Parking wasn’t that big of a deal, there is street parking all around and right in front of the the bar is a 24 hour parking garage. Seating on the other hand is limited, although they have the whole bar, several couches and chairs as an option you still want to make sure you find a spot.

This was our first time going there and we loved the feel of it. There’s a home style vibe to it probably because of the decor. The chairs and couches will remind you of your grandmas house but then you’ll look up and realize you’re still in the 305 because of all the amazing art in the walls and sky high drink variety. The red lights really set a chill mood as well as live up to the bars name.

Now on to the main event, the comedy! It was pretty funny especially since they’re locals so a lot of their content was stories going on in their lives which any Miamian can relate to. It was cool because when the performer were done we ended up making some small talk with a few of them and if you’re like me and you like to socialize this place is great for that too. Since it was a Monday night it wasn’t too crazy so you can have conversations with multiple groups or find a quiet spot for yourself and your date. The place is very versatile which was nice when you needed a change.

So you’ve been there for a while, laughing and having a great time until you start to feel and hear your stomach, uh oh, you’re hungry.

Lucky for you there is a pizza place right next door to Red Bar and more restaurants all around if you want to walk. If you’re not into walking go ahead and get the pizza and bring it back into Red Bar, they don’t mind at all! Which is nice because now you can sit inside on a cozy couch eating pizza listening to some cool tunes by their DJ with your new friends or just your lovely date.

My boyfriend and I stayed there until about 1 am just talking and having a good time, which is always the point of date night.

Over all, for a quiet Monday night date idea this was really a fun time for us. I hope you try it out too and let me know how it went!


Until next date night,



  1. Can’t wait to try out comedy night! I might have to skip curfew on a work night to check it out but it seems like it’s worth it lol great blog!

  2. Hi there, I really love comedy nights . Sometimes the audience participation can be a bit much if they decide to feature you, but if you go in the correct frame of mind it’s all good, Lol.

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