New year new me! (kind of)

Hey everyone! First let me give recognition to everyone of you that voted, thanks for the help and I appreciate the participation!

So I know everyone says “new year new me” Well for me I am really going to try to do this while still being the old me (the cool parts though).

This list is a compilation of things I haven’t done yet and things I should really start with. Each one is something I really want to accomplish which makes me have to ask, what are your resolutions? What are you going to accomplish in 2018? If you see something on my list you want to do or are doing hit me up! Let’s get through it together!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years and thanks for reading as always.

Welcome to 2018 babes!


  1. I agree with everything!!!definitely a good idea to start investing in your retirement!!! I want to gain more genuine followers as well. Its just so motivating to get feedback from those who follow.

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