New Skin Care Routine!

HI! Welcome back to the blog loves, I’m so excited you’re here because I’m finally getting around to my skincare routine!

Lately, my skin has been agreeing with me and I have to thank myself because, hello, water and also this cute little company named, FLORAS ANGELS.

I found this company on Instagram and was immediately drawn to them, ordered a body butter and I’ve been in love since. The company is so unique because everything is handmade in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois.  The owners are the sweetest people so when you end up ordering from them, make sure to leave nice comments!

Okay, okay, back to the products. They make everything, like I said, from body butter, scrubs and even face serums. Kind of the whole package? What’s even better is everything is 100% natural which I found to be the secret to clear skin too.

I am grateful to say that I am participating in their new campaign, #ReadySetGlow,
which focuses on not focusing on the flaws of our body but embracing them and finding our strengths through them.

Vanilla Mocha Latte Scrub

They were so gracious enough to send me their vanilla, mocha latte, body scrub and it smells so good! I’ve been using it for a while on my body and I’m so smooth all. the. time, let me tell you. Doesn’t dry out my skin and always leaves me with a radiant glow. I have seen a noticeable decrease in my stretch marks and I usually get irritations on my arms but those have quickly subsite with this scrub. After I usually use their cucumber body butter and I am smooth and glowing for days.

Cucumber Pear Body Butter


One super fun concept they do is you can customize your own scrub! Just let them know what flavors you’re interested in and in a couple weeks, you have your own unique scent! #YasQueen

I hope you guys run out and give this small business a chance to fall in love with like I did. Huge shout out to Flora’s for hooking it up and you can get your own by clicking the link below. If you subscribe you get a free sample and if you buy, Black Friday is here so head to their page and get your discounts!

Alright love bugs, until next time!



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