My first Music Festival!

Welcome back love bugs!

I had a great time in Chicago and Lollapalooza! Which is what I’m talking about today (duh).

So let’s get into it!

First, for those of you who don’t know, Lolla is a 4 day festival in Chicago and I only went for two of the four days. It’s Thursday through Sunday, August 2-5, and we went Thursday and Sunday.

The vibes for each day were totally different and to be honest I really enjoyed Sunday the most out of the two days we went.

Let me explain.

Thursday was the first day and everyone and their mother was there, it was wild! We were a little late because we had a rough night before and when we finally got to my friend’s house (where we were staying) we were beat, so we instantly knocked out. Once we got up and got to the park it was around 5. Just enough time to see Jaden Smith, Khalid, and Travis Scott.

Seeing Jaden Smith was a nice warm up to what was to come. Khalid as well, they were both great and where we were standing was a great view!

Travis Scott was the wildest experience I have ever had!

We. were. so. close.

It was incredible! When we were waiting for him to start we made friends with some people in the crowd and they were pretty determined to get to the front of the stage and we did not hesitate to get there with them. We were almost to the railing in the front, basically, in the mosh pits. Things got really intense when we were that deep in, thank goodness we had a camelback hydration pack because that water was needed for survival.

I had a great time, jumping with the crowd, singing, screaming, the whole nine yards. Some people obviously couldn’t handle it, I say obviously because they were passing out. My advice is to know your limits when it comes to music festivals if you’re more content staying back sitting under a tree and vibing to the music, go for it! 

Now, if you are the type to be rushing to the front then make sure you have a camelback! Like I said, those things saved us out there, because it is so hot and people are passing out all around you, don’t be one of them.

Another piece of advice would go for protective shoes. When picking out my outfits for Lolla I contemplated what shoes to get. To be trendy with some Birkenstocks or Teva’s or protective with some sneakers? Well, I chose the sneakers and aren’t I glad! From all the walking to being in the mosh pits, my little toes would have died out there. So if you’re going to a festival opt for a more closed toe shoe.

Sun is a big thing too so make sure you’re protected. Since it was 5 pm and only getting later the sun wasn’t really an issue.

On Sunday though, we had gotten there around 2 and the sun was still going strong. Make sure when packing you put a protective pair of sunglasses with your stuff. Click here to see the sunglasses I used, I got so many compliments and I was protecting my eyes.

When it comes to holding all your stuff I would recommend a fanny pack. It’s easy and small. Plus it’s in front of you so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into it like a backpack.

The last piece of advice is your hair ladies, make sure you do some type of updo or braids because you will be hot and you do not want to have to deal with your hair during the festival.

overall I had an amazing time.

Odesza was the best set for me and if you want to see some videos from that set check out my Instagram highlight named “Lollapalooza”

Until next time love bugs!

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