Minimalism | Getting Started

Hello, hello, hello there.

Welcome back to my blog page and if you’re new here I’m glad you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet.

This post is all about my journey with minimalism, why I started, where I am now and how you can get started.

So lets get started!

Why Minimalism?

For me it was simple.

I had too much stuff.

One day looked at my room and my life and realized it was so overfilled with items and clothing that doesn’t make me happy or is just a space filler. Now before you go out and Marie Kondo everything you own here’s what I did.

I didn’t do the Marie condo method actually, I really just looked at something and said: Have I used this in the last year?” If I haven’t then I let it go. Now this doesn’t go for sentimental stuff or other things like a suitcase but you know like, I had 4 glasses cases and two pairs of glasses, so naturally, I got rid of two.

And that was the beginning.

Where did I start?

For me, the most natural place was the closet. I started with my clothes, then shoes, and then all the stuff I kept just in the closet. Now, what I’m about to say is probably a big key to success, which is I forgave myself and let go of my “when I’m skinny” clothes. What I mean is, the clothes in your closet that DO NOT fit you and you keep around until they do, get rid of them. Celebrate and decorate the body you have right now while working on your new one (if that’s what you are aiming for).

Being more intentional with my space also really gave me a clearer vision for my space and getting new hangers and ways to organize really pushed me clear it out because over all it just looks so much nicer.

These are the hangers and purse organizers I got, I hope it helps you get started.

Your Turn

So, now it’s your turn. Where should you start?

I would honestly start with one area of your room/space. If you notice the kitchen is overflowing with Tupperware, maybe start there? Do you have more than 2 areas where you store your clothes? Maybe thats where you begin. Just take a hard look at your space, like really look at where you are living and what you have. Then pick a place and get started.

Me for example, I started in my room, in the closet. Then I went to the dresser, still focusing on the clothes. Then under my bed and so on and so forth.

Also having a goal for the space helps. Like for under my bed, I didn’t want to store anything under there (fung shui reasons) so slowly by slowly I made that possible.

My last tidbit

Please, don’t go out and throw everything away, you will regret it. But just take it slow. Make it a monthly event if anything. Light a candle and declutter the area you choose. Your mind will thank you for it.

Closet as of June 25, 2020

Good luck & I’m always here for you
– Sayward