Minimalism | Floyd Bed Review

Hi friends and welcome back to the blog.

Today is an in-depth review of the Floyd bed, from ordering, shipping, price, assembly, quality, how it feels when I use it, and if I plan to keep it or not. So make sure you’re wearing your blue light blocking glasses because this is a lot.

Ordering, Shipping, and Price

Ordering was not hard at all, just like any other online order. But when it came to shipping and delivering it was a little weird. I had a company keep calling me to schedule a delivery date. I’m not used to this. I think I am spoiled with amazon prime because it comes in two days and I don’t have to worry about pretty much anything.

They were nice enough to bring the box inside

But with this, I was called a bunch of time and when an automated system told me my address I couldn’t make it out and it sounded wrong. Once I got in contact with a person they said I had to contact Floyd to change the address, that was actually pretty easy. They don’t have a number but they answered my email either the day after or a couple of hours within me sending my concerns.

Now I dont want to scare anyone with the price but here it is, in total with shipping and a $25 off coupon the total was $690.


I think it was worth it because of the quality of the wood, it was made in America and the best is it’s moldable to you. If I want to upgrade my mattress I don’t have to buy a whole new frame I just buy another wood piece. I can remove some and have a smaller bed if I want, traveling with it is easy and I can pass it on to my kids because each piece of wood can be a bed frame basically. Hopefully, I convinced you as well as I convinced myself.

Lastly, I ordered it on June 24th and it was delivered July 10th.

Assembly and Quality

This box was heavy! Geez. We ended up opening it up downstairs and carrying the planks upstairs one by one. They’re not that heavy individually.

The assembly process wasn’t even hard! My brother helped which made the process go faster. There was an instruction book labeled 1-4 and even how to pack it up if you’re moving. Very, very simple.

Hows it holding up?

I really wanted to give myself a couple of nights to sleep on it and have it apart of my space for a while before I posted this. Some of my main concerns were hitting the edges, get scratched by the edges, and the mattress moving a lot.

As of now (4 days later) I can say I have bumped my foot once but I really believe it was me getting used to the surface area I have now. The edges are very smooth so no worries with getting cut. Now the mattress does move around a bit, but I really believe it’s because I don’t have it flushed against the wall, my mattress is a little smaller than the base. I have a full and I got the full/queen size with Floyd so I have room to spare.

I honestly love the look of the bed, after getting the bed it really transformed my space.

My mattress is a full, but whenever I upgrade to a queen it will fit perfectly.

Well friends, that’s all I have to say. If you have any questions about my experience, please leave them in a comment and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it

x Sayward