Minimalism | Eco-Conscious Habits

Hello friends and welcome back!

Today I am going to be talking about some habits that I’ve picked up to be more minimalistic and eco conscious.

I feel like making the transition to minimalism goes hand in hand with being more inclined to help the planet. So I encourage you to maybe try one or two of the 6 habits listed and see how far it takes you in your minimalism/eco-friendly journey.

Lets get started.

  1. No more paper products
  2. No cash
  3. Recycle more (and that’s on PERIOD)
  4. Reusable shopping bags (even the mall)
  5. Reducing my “fast fashion” shopping
  6. Donating rather than throwing things out

No more paper products

First things first is the elimination of paper goods in my house. My mom used to paper plates red solo cups all the time and we would just use them like no tomorrow. Also, the biggest thing is that we all would just grab another cup, even without finishing the original drink in the old solo cup. Honestly, looking back it was a lot of plastic and paper being used.

Now we all pitch in to wash dishes and silverware. It really doesn’t take that much out of our day and we all feel good doing it so it works out.

No more CASH

This one may be a little harder for some people but for most people we all use cards, cash app, zelle or any of the other apps we can use. So I only keep a couple of dollars in my purse. Now it’s different if I travel, i’ll carry more cash but on a daily basis a couple dollars is enough. Cash is from trees so do the math.

Recycle More!

This one is self explanatory. If you’re not recycling your almond milk carton and your salsa jars then you’re just not trying. So here’s a little information on what you can recycle and I hope you start recycling more.

What Can and Can't Be Recycled in Weber County | Environment ...

Reusable Shopping Bags

I love these kind of bags! Even going to the mall instead of using the paper bags they provide. I have one from vans and its huge! I use it when I go shopping and it’s better than carrying a bunch of bags anyway. I also use them at Publix and any time I go grocery shopping. They can get kind of expensive so I suggest goodwill or any other thrift store to get them cheap.

Reducing “fast fashion” shopping

Now here’s a big one for a lot of people. Buying quality clothes are expensive! So here are my suggestions, try thrifting! It’s a fun activity and you usually find pretty cool stuff.

You can also try buying certain pieces to be high sustainable quality. Like if you love to wear jeans but you’re constantly switching them out, invest in like 2 really good pairs that you can keep for a a good chunk of time.

Now weight fluctuation can be a reasoning with going to get new clothes all the time but thats a different subject, I feel like if that is the case maybe not buy so much so when your weight does fluctuate you have clothes to fall back on.

But if you are in need of new clothes here are some awesome alternative options:
Organic Basics
Pact Apparel

Have you used any of these sites? I would love to know more, so if you have anything to share comment below!

Donating instead of throwing away

If you have anything that you dont want, try selling it or donating it to goodwill, the Salvation Army, a women’s shelter, homeless shelter, and many more organizations that will come to your house and pick up your sh*t.

Here are the links to a few:
Salvation Army pickup
Breast Cancer Foundation
Lotus House Donations

There ya go babes!

I hope this was insightful on your minimalism journey. If you have any questions, comments, concerns remember to leave them below.

Love ya’ll