Museum of Ice cream Guide 2017

Hey everyone! How are you doing? How are things?

Today I am going to be talking about my experience at the Museum of Icecream and how you can be prepared if you’re going to go.

If you dont know, the museum of Ice-cream (MOIC) has been open since December 13th and will end sometime mid January. If you dont know what this is (or live under a massive rock) It is an interactive museum with a colorful and tasty theme.

I went Monday, December 18th and from going there and experiencing it I am going to give you the 411 on it and how to make the most of it.

So for starters, what ever time you buy your ticket means that is the time you’re getting in but if you show up late you can still get in. For example me and my boyfriend were an hour late (all my fault, oops) and were freaking out because we thought they wouldn’t let us in. The only thing with the ticket is you can’t come in earlier than your time but anytime after is fair game, so first dont stress if you’re like me and you’re running late, you’re good ma.

Next is parking, the parking wasn’t terrible. We parked in Indian Creek Dr and 38th ST. There was a lot of traffic and construction to get to the actual museum but we found curbside parking and it was only 4 blocks away, so we just walked, which is what I recommend. We payed using the meter.

So once we got there all the fun began! We walked in and got slapped in the face with pink! I loved it so much, then you meet a gypsy who reads your cards and each card is ice-cream themed, it was so cute!

So for a museum of ICECREAM it was so hot in there. Geez, so with that said make sure you’re wearing something light and comfortable. Shorts and a cute top type of feel. Also comfortable shoes! You’re going to be walking, crawling, and climbing stairs so make sure you’re able to do it all!

Back to the ticket real quick. The ticket time is like your “tour” time. There’s no one walking you through the whole thing but you stick with the people of your time slot. Since we were late my boyfriend and I just walked the place on our own. We joined groups here and there but by the third room you’re not sticking with the same people. Because some take longer with their pictures than others and what not.

So by the third room, the one with the banana swing, I know you’ve seen on Instagram and you’re dying to try it, it’s awesome and so cute!You’re with an entirely new group anyways. That room has 3 parts to it, but it is the most busiest (besides the sprinkle room).

Each room you get an icecream sample, candy or some kind of dessert sample, which is actually reallllly good. Some of the rooms are also interactive, so you’ll be building something or touching something cool.

Pictures are of course welcomed and most rooms aren’t timed. They do want you to keep moving along though, so don’t have a whole photo shoot there… For example, these two girls, we kept running into them because they would take forever with their shots. I understand you want good pictures but now isn’t the time to be too picky and hold up the spot everyone wants to take pictures at, I guess three or four pictures max type of deal.

Overall, the Museum was so much fun! You get samples and candy throughout the Museum and each room was its own theme! The employees are so nice too, it’s like Disney world nice!

We went at 5pm and what was nice was the sun was setting, so once you got to the sprinkle pool line, outside was a bunch of activities. Hoola hoops, jump ropes, shuffle board and more!

So no finally, the beloved sprinkle pool. Seen by many and experienced by few. So to get to the pool you have to wait in a long line, for the record the line is its own floor.. yeah. When you finally get to the front you take and elevator which takes you to the pool!

It’s go time now.

There’s someone there constantly sweeping sprinkles back into the pool and telling people you only have a limited time to be there and while she’s explaining this you’re taking your shoes off and putting your stuff in a locker, so travel light and small, the locker is small too. So once the old group clears out you run in!

Some advice for the pool:

• Don’t wait for the perfect shot, because someone will most likely always be on your shot.

• Boomerangs are a must.

• Check out Instagram to pre-plan your poses so you have an idea of what you want to do, you can do this for each room actually.

• And lastly, be considerate of your picture time, remember there are others trying to make memories too.

After the pool is the gift shop. I got a cute magnet to commemorate my time there, I would show a picture but if you go you’ll know exactly which one I got with this clue: It’s like a ticket.

Let me know if you figure it out! Hehehe


And that’s it! You experienced the Museum of Ice cream and came out with some awesome sprinkle pool pics. Your feed isn’t ready for it all but you are.

I hope you guys find this guide helpful and let me know how your experience was!

Later love bugs




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