I have Covid

Hello love bugs and welcome back!

I know, I know its been a minute but of course as soon as I get the motivation and time to write and keep the blog going, BAM I’m hit with covid.

Now I really want to stress this, my symptoms are going to be different from yours (if you have it or get it) or anyone you know that has covid. Please keep practicing social distancing and wearing your masks.

Now let’s get started with the timeline.

So, to begin I went to a small thanksgiving get-together, thinking it was going to be 4 people. When I got there it ended up being 5 people and two I had no idea who they were. I had asked my friend who invited them if she trusted everyone there and if she felt safe. She assured me that she did and that the people there had recently been tested and they came back negative. I felt pretty confident I was safe.

Now this was on Nov 25, fast forward three days later to Nov 28 I had a small tickle in my throat, nothing major the weather was changing so I assumed it was because of that. Except, later that day my friend told me that one of the girls there tested positive for covid and of course, I started to spiral and run out and get myself tested.

To help you live vicariously through my anxiety, I had just seen my grandparents and aunt the day after I was exposed so you can imagine the guilt I was feeling.

Now it is Nov 30 and my results come back positive. I felt like a total failure. I felt stupid and so aware of all the people I put in danger and those people are all the people that mean the most to me.

I was devastated.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to freak anyone out because what if they didn’t have it? But also, what if they did and they didn’t get treated in time and they freaking DIE. I was a mess, so I told my mom. My mom freaked out and then I told my dad and brother. They freaked out as well but everyone got tested and now it was time to tell my grandparents.

Oh man.

My dad was ridiculous and told my aunt to call me so she called me and we spoke for a little bit until she told me my dad had asked for her to call me. I quickly texted my family because we had come to the conclusion to not say anything until their results came back. As you can tell the plan obviously changed without me being informed.

So, I told my aunt.

Then I told my grandparents.

They all freaked out (appropriately) and waiting for my family to get their results back.

A couple of days later everyone is coming back negative, including the girls I was with the day before thanksgiving. Of course, I’m relieved that no one has it but the fact that I’m the only one that had it made me feel even more dumb and very unhealthy. Like out of everyone at the thanksgiving event I’m the only one who got it? Why me? If this is the precursor to the zombie apocalypse does that mean I’d die right away?


Now came the time for me to go through it. I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect. Heres a screen shot of my notes, I jotted down what I was feeling each day. And Dec 5 I was honestly feeling fine, just back to a little congestion.


Today is Thursday, Dec 10 and I just got my results back from getting tested on Tuesday, they’re positive still. I should have known because I still have congestion so hopefully I can get tested again on the 13th and have a negative test.

My birthday is the 15th so you see the urgency lol.

Since the day ive been exposed it has been more than 2 weeks, but since the day my symptoms started it has been about 12 days I believe.

Well, this is my experience with covid. Nothing too intense and I’m so grateful it wasn’t anything more than what it is. I’ll keep you posted on what when I get tested again and the results too.


It is currently January 7th and I have no symptoms whatsoever and also no reoccurring or lingering symptoms. For a while, I had some phlegm that would come and go but now everything is completely gone.

Ive gotten tested 2 times after that and both times came back negative!

Since you’re here I would like to know if you had your covid vaccine? Are you planning on taking it?

Me personally, I’m still waiting to see what others feel like and what happens, long-term I mean.

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Until then,