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Earlier this year I found out I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. In lament terms, I have diabetes of the ovaries and I am so ashamed.

Honestly, I should have taken better care of my body is my first thought. I should work out more consistently, I should eat a little less sugar and drink a lot more water. I also should control my stress but this whole thing stresses me out even more.

I’m just saying, its a lot.

And being overweight and growing more chin hair than your boyfriend doesn’t make it any easier.

Currently, I started a gluten and dairy-free diet, going dairy-free isn’t that hard its the gluten man. But the reason I chose this is because I found this Instagram page (I’ll link it at the end) that swears by it. If you have PCOS you should check them out.

But anyways, something in the gluten and in the dairy doesn’t get processed correctly and it’s a lot of science but it causes weight gain.

I feel so betrayed by my body even though it’s my fault. Even though it just did what it had to do to protect itself from my own doing. I didn’t treat it right and now I’m just trying to fix it before it gets even worse.

With PCOS stress is a big factor, so I started taking CBD (read my CBD post here) and what workouts you do can cause more stress to the body than anything else. I started running again. Nothing crazy, run/ walk pace.

I downloaded that couch to 5k app and I am committed to these 8 weeks. Like I’m scared of how committed I am, I don’t want to fail. But that’s the downfall, if you don’t try you’re always bound to fail.

So I decided it was time to change like real change. I know say this all the time and do it for a couple of months and then stop but I’m saying that this time is real change.

I actually bought some herbal life stuff and got a trainer, just to hopefully kickstart everything. It’s only going to get harder from here and at 24 thats still not that bad.

Wow, this blog post is all over the place! I really thought I was just going to talk about PCOS and call it a post but it turned into my fitness goals and some deep stuff.

I’m not sure entirely where this is going but I wanted to share my journey here. My blog is slowly turning into my public journal and I used to be so scared to open up but now I’m just letting all the demons out of the closet.

Shadow work, baby.

Before I forget here is the instagram I was talking about @pcos.weightloss, they also have a podcast that you can find if you snoop around their page a little.

Thank you so much for reading! Remember to follow me on Insta and Pinterest too! Even though I’m more open here and on Twitter but we can be friends there too haha.

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2 thoughts on “Girl Talk | I have PCOS

  1. Hey girlie, thank you for the post and wish you best on your journey. Remember to be kind to yourself in all stages of hour journey and not to be too hard on yourself I also have pcos and decided this year to commit to a healthier lifestyle that was catered to my pcos. It’s been 6 months now and have lost 40 pounds. I change dthe way I eat completely and exercised. Getting a trainee helped me A LOT so I am glad to hear you got one too. It is so important. As well as the running. Cardio and weight training are key. So happy for you on your journey. As well as portion control and healthy eating. Pinterest has a whole list for foods that are healthy for us. So glad you cut dairy and gluten. Its hard but once a while it’s OK to have a bit. You are doing great! Wishing you the best!

    1. Hi there! Oh my gosh! Your comment was so nice! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to say this to me. I can’t believe you lost 40 lbs! That’s such an amazing accomplishment. I hope you’re doing good and crushing your goals because you really inspired me to keep going. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon <3

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