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Welcome back to the blog today is all about the 2 weeks with my cloth pads and I am so excited to share this with you.

Yes, I said two weeks. I’m going through this shift in my body and I am trying to get it in tip-top shape, so for my ovaries, that was catching up on a loss of periods and bled for two weeks. But honestly, thats a whole different story.

Disclaimer: This get’s real

Why cloth pads??

Do you actually know how many chemicals are in the average tampon? Are you aware that your vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of your body? So when you put those two together it just means terrible things for your insides.

Glad Rags Pantyliner Folded

“I’ll just get the all natural cotton tampons then!”

I mean yes, they’re better but, when it comes to those chemicals they actually help reduce the likelihood of developing toxic shock syndrome. When you take those chemicals out, yes your body is not absorbing them but then that means there is a higher chance of you developing TSS because the chemicals aren’t there to kill off extra bacteria.

Kind of like a catch 22 isn’t it?

“Alright, so cotton all natural pads it is!”

Uhm hello.. the enviroment!

The amount of waste we womxn have when it comes to our period products is insane. For me personally, I did not want to contribute to the landfills, especially since I’m on my eco friendly journey. So I took the next step and decided to try cloth pads and even period panties.

So.. what is it like?

Honestly, it’s not as hard or gross as I thought it would be. Now let me start by saying these past two weeks I have had the heaviest flow ever and my cloth pads were great when it came to absorbency. They are extra long as well and I did not have to worry about it not reaching places or it being too long. Also, they don’t move! Huge bonus there, where you put them is where they stay.

Lets be real, cleaning is kind of gross.

You get used to it, really. I watched a video before embarking on this journey and the womxn was saying how period blood shouldn’t be gross, its something that comes from womxn to create life and should be normalized. So normalizing things start with normalizing it in your own life, which worked out for me because I think I’m desensitized to my own blood now and clean it like nothing.

My way to go to clean them is in the shower. At the end of the shower, I just run the water cold and put the pad under the water until it runs clear.

But if I’m home and not showering yet, I use the bathtub faucet. Just run the pad under cold water until it runs clear. Ive seen other people use the sink, but I don’t know, that for me is just too much.

You went out in public with them??

Yup! Seems crazy and I thought so too. So to be fair this quarantine has been the best time to test all this out, but I did end up going to a drive-in movie with some friends and I wore one and even changed it.

Used Pad Bag

Now changing the pad might be the deal-breaker for some, but it really was not that bad. It’s the same process as a normal pad but instead of disposing of the old on you have a small water-resistant bag that you put it in until you’re ready to wash it. I guess if you’re in the big stall you could wash it but that’s your call. For me, I wanted to try out the carrying pouch & not washing it and it worked like charm.

No smell!

Regular pads stink, they say its some chemical in the pad but with cloth pads, there was no smell when I was carrying it around. I went out changed it right when we got to the movies and carried it in my bag for like 4 hours and no smell what’s so ever. Then when I got home I just washed it out and hung it to dry.

So what actually sucks about it?

You’re right, there aren’t always only positives. A “negative” was I was constantly doing laundry because I had to wash them, not really a negative because I always had clean clothes but a negative for the water bill. The quick fix was I ordered a few more and that eliminated me having to do laundry every 2 days. Something that is annoying is if you’re tired and just want to go to sleep but you have to change your pad, you should wash the old one since you’re home and you don’t want it to sit, but you know when you’re tired all you think about is your bed? so, those moments kind of suck, but you move on.

My favorites!

Will you make the switch?

You’re turn! Would you ever try them out? Or switch all together? If you’re interested here are the ones that I bought on amazon and a small company I ordered from to help support them also the period panties I bought and the ones I want to try!

Second Favorites
Glad Rags
Period Panties

I think thats all! Feel free to comment or DM any questions you might have about the cloth pads, I hope you consider it!

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  1. Hello so I had a few question about these cloth pads. Reason being is because I spend way to much money on regular pads for no reason. After my IUD I don’t really have my cycle as heavy as I used to but don’t get me wrong I still get my period. Where could I get ahold of these kinds of pads and are they really safe for you? Thank you for hearing me out.

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for your question! I left links to the ones I use at the end of the blog post so you should check them out! My favorites are some I got from amazon, which I reccomend giving a try.

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