Front Page News Restaurant Review

Dating a foodie and being a foodie yourself is such a fun thing. My boyfriend and I on our trip to Atlanta found the nicest little places to eat if you’re ever in the area you should check them out.

Front Page News Resturant can be found in Midtown & Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia

The first one I want to give recognition to is this gem in Little Five Points, Atlanta it was an amazing find! Highly reccomend this place because of the great food, the location, the scenery and the staff was amazing. Also the name itself sounds exciting and interesting, Front Page News, I love it! The place itself is pretty spacious and we only sat outside which included a full outside bar.

These are some pictures from the view of our seats.

Now for the most fun, the food! Lets get right into it, shall we? As soon as we got there I ordered a Mimosa, the brunch tradition of course, and boy was it refreshing! My only regret is I wished I would have read the menu and looked around at what everyone else was drinking first because come to find out there is a mimosa bucket which comes with a whole bottle of champagne and orange juice so you can make the mimosa’s yourself. *Insert sad face* But its fine! We know for next time and things have a way of working out. Because my boyfriend ended up getting a Bloody Mary which had the same concept as the mimosa when it comes to “making it yourself.” You take the decorated glass they give with you with ice and your choice of vodka inside to the bar and pick what you want in it, tomato juice and all the spices you can imagine. The creative drinking freedom was another reason we enjoyed this spot so much.

Full Brunch Menu- Circled is what my boyfriend and I ordered.
My meal — Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwhich with French Fries

My meal was fantastic. I enjoy Mahi Mahi and they made it perfect. There was a special sauce that complimented the sandwhich very well. Also the fries were nice and crispy but soft at the same time. Now, I am a honey mustard gal, and theirs was more honey than mustard just how I like it!

To wrap up my quick little story about Front Page I want to finish with this, it was truly a pleasure. Walking into the resturant and seeing all the nature around us, the open space, the fountain, really made the place seem like a little piece of paradise hidden away from the rest of the world. Highly reccomend whenever you’re in Atlanta.

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