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The battle is between three fierce warriors, all having amazing capabilities and doing wonders for us but who is, let I dare say it.. more efficient?

Cute intro, right? Well I hope it got you thinking because I’ve been thinking a while about this and decided to talk about it. Foundation is a hit or a miss when it comes to application, the wrong tool will leave you a mess. So here it is, for everyone to make their own choice at the end. A pros and cons list of using a beauty sponge, a brush, or your very own fingers.

The Beauty Sponge

My personal preference by far! The sponge is the easiest to me and I love the control I have but after doing some more research here are some more pros.


  • The sponge when it applies the foundation to your skin it gives it a more natural and lightweight coverage.
  • Super Inexpensive!
  • Comes in so many shapes and sizes with so many different angles that you can get every and any part of your face.
  • Easy to hold and work with


  • Unfortunately, it sucks up a lot of product
  • Can get dirty and gross quickly
  • Needs to be cleaned often

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I personally use a brush only when I feel like it or I need a little extra blend. My favorite buffing brush right now is the IT Brushes #301 .


  • Low maintenance
  • Great when wanting to layer on foundation
  • Also gives a flawless natural finish
  • There’s is a brush of every size to do anything you could possible want


  • Let’s be real people, the cost of makeup brushes are ridiculous
  • Depending on the Brush – Can leave face streaky and hair fallout
  • Bacteria can grow in the hairs so it needs to be cleaned frequently


I personally never use my fingers, I really don’t like getting all that makeup on my hands, it’s just too messy for me. I wish I was into it though, mainly because of Pro number one!

  • The best things in life are FREEEE! Just like your fingers!
  • Different size fingers are equivalent to different size brushes so you basically have a whole set on your hands
  • Natural warmth can warm up the makeup making it easier to blend


  • The. Flipping. Mess.
  • Can still leave the foundation streaky when applied
  • Constantly washing your hands when applying and taking off makeup

That’s all folks. I am honestly considering trying out my fingers now, I’ll just have to look past the mess of it and keep sanitizing wipes close by. How about you? Are you going to try switching up your routine? Try it out and let me know down below!

Until next time cuties, thanks for reading.


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