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Hello Beauties and welcome back to the blog! Today is all about the simplest skincare routine you might find out there.

The trend where skincare is like 25 steps and you do it twice a day is just too much for me. Now let me say that if you have a skin condition or something else and your elaborate skincare regime helps you control it, then more power to you. Now if that’s not you, and you just love to fall into marketing schemes then this blog post is geared to you.

I’m here to tell you, you probably don’t need all those products.

If you’ve read my other blog posts you’ll know I’ve been on this minimalistic journey and I brought it to my skincare routine as well. Because skincare and minimalism have a lot of overlaps.

I’m excited to share what I use so let’s get started!

Obagi Gentle Cleanser

Face Wash

The best of the BEST

My face wash I spend a pretty penny on, and I really do think this product helps my skin so much. It really cleans it and helps balance the oils in my face too. I also don’t wash my face every day. I know everyone says you’re supposed to but when I do that my face gets too dry and I don’t see the necessity, honestly. I do wear makeup a lot, almost every day, and I remove the makeup with micellar water and go about my business.


Natural Almond and Jojoba Oil

I’ve been using almond oil, just a generic almond oil on my face, and wow what a difference it has been. Using straight oil rather than a moisturizing cream has really made the difference. I felt that the creams were too heavy or they dried out my skin, using natural oils really help balance out my own oils. Now I don’t put a lot, I put maybe a drop for my whole face and I don’t put it on my face directly either. I mix it in my hands and then pat it onto my face, which has made a huge difference too.

I finished the almond oil and now I’m using jojoba oil which I think is working just fine too.

Grace & Stella Rose Spray


I got this amazing rose water spray in a fab fit fun box a while back and I liked it so much I bought it again. I love this, I mostly use it if my face is a little dry or right before I put on makeup and a prep step. I don’t use this that much but I do use it so I included it.

Terre Mère Aloe & Tea Tree Toner


So I barely use toner, like almost never. Expect when I have a full self-care day I do it and this is the one I use. I also got this one in a fab fit fun box and I love it. Other toners really burn my skin and irritate it this one doesn’t. If you use toner, can you tell me why in the comments? What impact has it had on your skin?


Origins VitaZing SPF 15

Holy Grail is what this product is, I love looove it! It is sunblock but it has a tint to it so it helps cover any redness on your face. Think of a SPF bb cream. This one though, matches your skin perfectly, like as you’re mixing it in your hands it picks up the perfect pigment color. I’ll wear this and do my regular makeup routine and it’s a flawless finish.

And that’s it! Notice that there are no eye creams on this list, that’s because I don’t believe in them but that’s a different post. I really encourage you to try and simplify your skincare, you don’t need all those products to have amazing skin or to be beautiful.

And if you want to try out fab fit fun here is a code for $15 off!

Have a great week guys, thanks for reading and see you Sunday!


This is me with no makeup or a filter for a reference