5 easy steps on how to beat the Monday struggle

It’s Sunday night and you’re starting to realize your “really good weekend” is about to end. I know Monday’s can really suck the fun out of everything, but why not keep the fun going? That’s what I thought! So here are a few tips and tricks that I do and want to share with you on how to keep the weekend momentum going until Friday rolls around again.

Step 1: The Sunday Night Prep

That’s right, the first step to a great Monday morning comes from a productive Sunday night. I recently started meal prepping which is a fun activity I do on Sunday and sets me up for the week. So when Monday comes around I have a really good lunch waiting for me, which is the key. Have something to wake up to and be excited about. Maybe it’s wearing a new pair of shoes, rocking a new haircut, seeing an old friend, or visiting relatives. It’s up to you, whatever gets you the most excited, do it on a Monday!


Step 2: Change the Mindset Game you’re playing

Instead of thinking of Monday as your “weekend ruiner” think of Monday as a new start! New things to accomplish that day and new ways to get better at what ever you want to do. The mind is a crazy powerful thing so if you tell yourself “Let’s have a great Monday!” Every Monday, chances are you’re going to have just that.

Step 3: Throwback Monday?

Recently I have been starting of my week with my favorite jams from when I was a kid. It really gets my mood up to listen to my favorite somewhat forgotten songs! My top two albums of the week are:

  1. Aly and Aj- Insomniatic
  2. Jojo- The High Road.

These were and still are the jam! So take a look at some old playlists or CD’s you might have and stock up for the Monday commute.

                                         Carrie Bradshaw knows how to do a Monday.

Step 4: Do something different

It’s Monday, a new day and a new start right? So why not do just that. Sunday night make a list of all the things you want to accomplish this week and start Monday! For example, you can go a different way to work, call a family member just to say hi, change your workout routine or even the location! Doing a slight change will really increase your mood for the rest of the day.

Step 5: Make Your Bed

Now this one sounds simple.. that’s because it is. Making your bed is IDEAL to make your Monday and any day of the week better. If you wake up and make your bed you’ve already accomplished something! Having these little accomplishments through out the day are what makes Monday’s and any day better. But if by the off chance you still have a bad Monday, at least your bed is made.

So that’s it! My 5 simple and easy steps to making your Monday’s fantastic. I hope you give them a try! You can also use these tips for any day of the week to make them a little bit more bearable until Friday.

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