Welcome to Saynthings!

hey love bugs!

My name is Sayward (say-werd), owner of Saynthings (say-n-things) and this is my baby, my beginning, my blog.

I am a recent college grad in psychology and social media and e-marketing. I’ve been blogging for 3 years (on and off, oops).

Hey! Its me!

I started blogging back in August 2017 and I’ve really grown to love it.
There are a lot of ups and down with it but I feel like I’m growing every day when working with and on the blog.

This has been a journey! From niche to niche to niche, we’re finally here at being a lifestyle blog.

I love talking and connecting with people from all over the world. I talk about a lot of things that I love and that make me, well me.

For example, one week I can talk about crystals and another week I can talk about some cool adventure I went on and the next week I’m preaching feminism and self-love. I don’t shy away from many things and when I talk about those things they live here in my corner of the internet.

As I evolve so will the blog, so if you’ve been here from the beginning, first, thank you, and second, as you can see, everything is different! Now you can find things also about minimalism, my new spiritual practices, feminine problems, and more in the future.

I think it’s cool you ended up here and our paths are now intertwined. I hope we get to connect soon! My socials are at the bottom and of the page.

Thanks for reading so far, I appreciate it a lot and I hope you enjoy!

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Talk to you soon,

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