Welcome to Saynthings

Hello love bugs!

My name is Sayward (say-werd), owner of Saynthings (say-n-things) and this is my baby, my beginning, my blog.

I started blogging back in August 2017 and I’ve really grown to love it.
There are a lot of ups and down with it but I feel like I’m growing every day when working with and on the blog.

This has been a journey! From niche to niche to niche, we’re finally here at being a lifestyle blog.

I love talking and connecting with people from all over the world. I talk about a lot of things that I love and that make me, well me.

For example, one week I can talk about crystals and another week I can talk about some cool adventure I went on and the next week I’m preaching feminism and self-love. I don’t shy away from many things and when I talk about those things they live here in my corner of the internet.

I think it’s cool you ended up here and our paths are now intertwined. I hope we get to connect soon! My socials are at the bottom and of the page.

Thanks for reading so far, I appreciate it a lot and I hope you enjoy!

Sayward x Saynthings