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    Let’s Get Organized!

    Boom! (That’s me coming back with a bang). Hello, ladies and gents and happy November 1st! I love November, its such a calm month, a month to reflect on the year and yourself and be thankful for everything you have and how far you’ve come. It’s also the calm before the storm of Christmas! As you may have noticed I didn’t write last week and that is because I was getting things ready for Halloween and for my 1,000 follower giveaway! Official social media announcement goes out Monday November 6th. But wow, how exciting! There’s a thousand (and then some) of you chickens out there following along with me, I…

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    Why you should be doing more Yoga

    Yoga is the best medicine you can give your body, I swear by this. Here’s my explanation as to why it is. I wanted to talk about this because it is #MotivationalMonday but also #MindfulMondayWithSay. So today on how to be mindful let’s talk about something really important to me which I believe everyone should implement in their life because it will make your mind, heart, body and soul happy which is what everyone needs and that thing is yoga. I got into yoga back in the beginning of high school and I can tell you I honestly hated it and its beautiful because I totally understand why now. Back…

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    Beauty Tips: Sponge, Brush or Fingers?

    The battle is between three fierce warriors, all having amazing capabilities and doing wonders for us but who is, let I dare say it.. more efficient? Cute intro, right? Well I hope it got you thinking because I’ve been thinking a while about this and decided to talk about it. Foundation is a hit or a miss when it comes to application, the wrong tool will leave you a mess. So here it is, for everyone to make their own choice at the end. A pros and cons list of using a beauty sponge, a brush, or your very own fingers. The Beauty Sponge My personal preference by far! The…

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    Never in my life would I have thought I would be so 21st century inclined. On our trip to Atlanta we used Uber (which im not really into), Airbnb, Couchsurfing and the Snapchat Hotspot locator (we didn’t use it much though). Meeting local people really made the trip even better, you get a real sense of the city and who lives there. Uber Everywhere We used Uber maby two times throughout our five day trip and both times the drivers were so nice it shocked me. The first was a woman who was talking to us like we were her children, it was so cute. During the ride we told…

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    Gimmie a Beat!

    Today I am going to be doing something new, which I am excited about. I’m going to be doing an interview with someone really cool that I met on my trip to Atlanta. Her name is Higgy Beats, she’s a music producer and upcoming artist recruiter and if you want to know more about what inspires her, who she works with, and her upcoming new projects go ahead and give it a listen! LISTEN HERE Connect With Higgy: SoundCloud.com/higgygotbeats Instagram: @Higgybeats Connect with $wish: Swishinthisbih.com Instagram: @swishinthisbih  

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    Front Page News

    Dating a foodie and being a foodie yourself is such a fun thing. My boyfriend and I on our trip to Atlanta found the nicest little places to eat if you’re ever in the area you should check them out.   Front Page News Resturant can be found in Midtown & Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia The first one I want to give recognition to is this gem in Little Five Points, Atlanta it was an amazing find! Highly reccomend this place because of the great food, the location, the scenery and the staff was amazing. Also the name itself sounds exciting and interesting, Front Page News, I love it! The…

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    Cute and Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

    So Halloween is officially 24 days away and for those who havent decided what to be yet, where to get it from, how much they really want to spend on a costume, this one is for you. Honestly, who actually gets their costume from Party City or a Halloween store? No judgment, personally I’m not spending $50+ on something I’ll wear for one night. I will buy bits and pieces from different places which makes more sense to me. So I’ve come up with a list of 12 cute and inexpensive Halloween costumes, some which you can do with your partner or rock the look on your own . Either way,…

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    Mental Health is a thing people

    This week is Mental Health Awareness week so I thought for today I would give you guys suggestions on how to improve your mental heath status overall. What I am going to list are things I do myself which have helped me and I hope you try them out to improve your mental health too. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this, even if you think “nothings wrong.” We can all be a little bit better than we are right now so why not take the steps to be exactly that? A little better. Without further hesitation and taking up precious time, here we go. 1. Write it all down I…

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    Blogger Recognition Award

    I made this blog for fun purposes and now I have the privilige of writing about how I got nominated not once but twice by two really amazing blogs. The first nomination came from the amazing StillJamieBlog and the second from the wonderful PsLoveTashh. Thank you guys so much for the recognition, its truly appreciated! Sooo what do you win?? This award is given by bloggers to bloggers to show that we see you guys working super hard trying to make it in this blogger world we all want to be in. When both of the bloggers above contacted me they had nothing but positive and wonderful things to say about…

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    5 easy steps on how to beat the Monday struggle

    It’s Sunday night and you’re starting to realize your “really good weekend” is about to end. I know Monday’s can really suck the fun out of everything, but why not keep the fun going? That’s what I thought! So here are a few tips and tricks that I do and want to share with you on how to keep the weekend momentum going until Friday rolls around again. Step 1: The Sunday Night Prep That’s right, the first step to a great Monday morning comes from a productive Sunday night. I recently started meal prepping which is a fun activity I do on Sunday and sets me up for the week.…