Life Updates

Hey there!

Gosh, I have missssssed this.

I haven’t written a blog post in a couple months and I’m going to explain why and everything else going on in my life. I do want to say thank you for sticking with me and the blog. It can only get better from here!

So update 1: I am blogging again. Nothing big, except a whole rebranding!

Why was I away?

I had a really negative relationship with social media and the blogging world. I actually met some slimy people which sucked and my self worth was deteriorating all because of “likes” and “followers.”
Now I have a whole new mindset to the whole thing, first, I’m not faking anything. Not my body in pictures, not my posts and especially not my content. When it comes to my content it will be more on the lines of what I want to talk about or I feel goes with the theme of my blog. I’m going to stay away from writing about “trendy” things unless I actually use it. A problem I noticed when I first started was trying to be something I’m not, which ends now. So that’s that and I hope youre as excited as I am about the new “saynthings!”

Update 2: Blog posts will be going out once a month.

A big reason also to why I stopped was school, I didnt (still kind of don’t) know how to manage my time so the blog was suffering. With some long thought, once a month seems like a manageable goal, which has my spirits high. I’m thinking either the beginning of each month or the end, if you have a preference let me know!

Update 3: School.

I’m still here trying to finish, I’m not the best at school so its just hard, you know? I’m nervous for fall semester and the blog.

Thats it! Start noticing some changes coming your way to my instagram and here too! If you could give me ideas on what to write about or what you prefer to read about that would be great for me so I can gather my content together.

So my question of the day is: What is the last thing you googled?

Until next time love bugs


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