It’s my blog and I’ll write when I want to.

It’s been a while since I wrote and I’m trying something different. I’m going to be more detailed and not condense words or sentences, so hear we go!

Hi! I’ve missed writing on the blog so much. My life is picking up and like I said when I first started this I was scared I would lose my grip on it. I’m still trying to make it happen but here’s my thought process through it all.

First I haven’t been writing a lot because I was putting writing for someone else before my own. Honestly, I still haven’t finished it and it’s bothering me. I just want it done. It’s unpaid (I mean of course it is, it’s the blogging world).

I promise I’m not complaining, just saying.

Anyways, I’ve been putting other people’s social media needs before my own and I don’t like it. I do manage two other peoples social accounts (for money) but even that gets stressful. I started the blog to make something significant and fun, now I’m not even doing it. I want to write cute articles and make layouts and have people follow along if they want/ can. For a minute I wanted to write for a company but I quickly realized deadlines like that are not my thing. Maybe I’ll get better in time, but for now no thanks.

Writing is a creative outlet which I found and truly enjoy which is why I will never write for anyone again. Maybe small projects here and there but very scarcely. This is my thing and I want to keep it that way.

Let’s talk about some coo stuff happening now:
I added more categories to the blog and I am sooo ready to dive into them. You can see them now and some don’t have anything in them but just wait I have so many drafts just screaming at me to finish. I wanted to come back with a little bit of an explanation and something new too so here it all is. I also really want to acknowledge that I am a student so school will always come first but the blog is a hard second.


That’s all I really feel like saying, im going to go and write something else now.

Later Gatorrrr!

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