Hello, independent people who don’t let anyone hold them back from accomplishing their dreams.

Today I am going to talk about something that means a lot to me and its independence.

As a woman, I was taught to always go somewhere with someone (preferably a man). Now that I am 22 years old I am realizing how unnecessary it is to always have someone by your side.

This year, 2018 it was my mission to start going to things by myself and create my own sense of independence and now I’m here to tell you how awesome and exciting it can be!

When exploring a city or going to an event alone it can be nerve-racking.
One of my first experiences of being alone was when I went to this event at my new church. I went alone and sat in my car for a good 10 minutes contemplating if I should go or not.
In the end, I did and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I made a new community of friends in my new favorite place.

Another event I went to alone was the @Miami_Bloggers Meetup at the Wharf. I was going to chicken out and ask my boyfriend to come but realized this is exactly what I need. To go out and meet like-minded people and connect. So I drove myself there made a lot of new friendships and drove myself home.

Doing this has been so rejuvenating because of how I was taught when I was younger.

I also feel as women we are always told to “relax” when it comes to what we want to do, were not allowed to dream big, in a way. But I just want to encourage any woman out there to step out of their comfort zones this year and chase all their dreams.

Never let the opinions of others shrink your opinions of yourself.


Have a great day lovely people, until next time




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